Quirks and Comrades, my first post

People watch has always been one of my favorite past times. Yep, I’m gonna go ahead and start by admitting this. I find that observing  people’s behaviors as they go about their days is as interesting and enlightening as reading books.  And I really like books.

Everyone is different and is in our differences that I found that special beauty crowds have. We can learn so much when we observe and listen to others. Is in their quirks that we can see the limitations of our blinkers and to learn to enjoy these, is a beautiful gift. This is what I think. Once we do this, we learn to identify our own quirks and to share them with others who share the same or similar ones. And isn’t this fun! I’ll tell you, it is. Camaraderie  is a beautiful thing… but we will touch more on that later on.

I hope you enjoy reading this Bitacora as I plan to enjoy writing it. This will be an exploration on quirks and comradery from how some people feel the need to touch a door once before opening  it (I do this often) to reviews about convention crowds. Hopefully some of you will find it funny and it is my hope that it may help to see a “nerdy” perspective on life and people.

Thanks for reading!


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