Reading “Fascinating, The life of Leonard Nimoy”


Looking through the children’s books section in Amazon a few weeks ago, I stumbled across this book, “Fascinating, The Life of Leonard Nimoy”. The book was described as a biography and a children’s book. Having not read the reviews, I was not sure what was it about this person’s life that made it so inspirational, other that the fact that he was a great actor on a very famous Sci-Fi TV show. So, I decided to buy it and find out. A children’s biography book sounded like a short and sweet tale of someone’s life. And in this case, it was a short story about the person behind Spock, enough said.

I read the book on my own first, always a good idea when reading to children. This book did not disappoint. It is the perfect length to read to kids at bed time and the illustrations where simple enough for toddlers. It allows for a quick introduction to the topic of immigrants coming to this country, perseverance, and the greatness of curiosity and wonder. I particularly enjoyed the explanation about the origin of Spock’s Vulcan greeting. As a geek mom, I enjoy introducing our son to various pop culture concepts and seeing his reaction. I think that getting to explain this, even before showing him the show, will broaden his perspective when he does watch it. Right now he is on a Star Wars phase.

This tale of a pop culture hero brings the opportunity for a family conversation about very important topics including history, the meaning of hard work, and the concept of religions from a cultural standpoint. It is fun, inspiring, interesting, and a good addition to any family’s book collection.






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