Book review of “My first science textbook” set of three children Chemistry books


Interested in teaching your kid about Science? Trying to cover some of the basic Chemistry concepts with your kid but don’t know where to start? My first Science textbooks, “Protons and Neutrons”, “Electrons”, and “Atoms” are a set of three children’s books that teach kids about Chemistry. This Kickstarter idea from John Conveyou (Genius Games) to create Chemistry books for toddlers has raised more than one hundred thousand dollars on Kickstarter so far. The books are fun, well illustrated, very educational. All three books introduce kids to the concepts of protons, neutrons, electrons, and an atom. The first book “My first science textbook, Protons and Neutrons” introduces the kids to Pete the proton and Ned the neutron. These characters quickly and in a very simple way introduce concepts like a subatomic particle, a proton, a neutron, matter, and a nucleus. It even describes the relationships between protons, neutrons and electrons. From attractions to charges, the basic concepts of Chemistry are presented to kids in a way that can be discussed even with toddlers. I know, it sounds strange, but believe me, the illustrations on this book show a simple and fun story that will catch the attention of kids. These little characters are sure to be remembered by the small ones.

The second book, “My first science textbook, Electrons” introduces kids to Ellie the electron. She talks about her size, her interactions with Pete and Ned, and even introduces the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle. A little out there for kids this age if you ask me, and I loved that! It goes on to cover a bit about light, static and even the place these particles have in the world around us. Again, the simplistic approach to teaching these concepts was a pleasant surprise. Book three, “My first science textbook, Atoms” introduces the kids to the elements, the periodic table and the universe. This one again hit the right note on illustrations and simple explanations of basic Chemistry concepts.

The books are easy to read and just about 23 to 26 pages long. Perfect for a short reading session with the kiddos. I honestly think this is a great idea and hope to see more of these type of books soon. We need them!


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