My experience during the San Diego Comic Con 2017 Returning Registration


Saturday March 11, that was the day, the long awaited day of the Returning Registration for San Diego Comic Con (previously called Pre Registration) when all of us nerds wake up early and wait impatiently, coffee at hand, for the Expo Logic waiting room to open. Having completed the laptop check, internet check, Member ID check, and SDCC email check, to make sure we have our registration code and waiting room link ready the night before, we continue to stare into our computers with our hearts full of hope and our veins full  of caffeine.

This year I was travelling so I decided to take the morning off from our touristy activities and stay at the hotel until Returning Registration was over. Not the ideal situation but I was definitely happy to be able to try. Having the ability to participate in the Returning Registration every year takes a load off my chest. It means we have two chances to make it to the convention, two chances to get our badges. Twitter had already started buzzing, full of “good luck” and “may the odds be ever in your favor” wishes as my fellow nerds and geeks started sharing their journey. Again there I was, in line for a SDCC related event and the feeling was the same, excitement. Everyone on my Twitter shared the same feelings of  excitement, fear, nervousness and lassitude. It was early in the morning for a lot of them, on a Saturday! As I waited for the Expo waiting room to open I read comment after comment on Twitter under the SDCCRR, SDCC, and the SDCC2017 hashtags. Some of my favorite comments were:  “I’m gonna wake up my kid…I can’t go through this alone” from @Swagcollector and “I am one with the badge and the badge is with me, I am one with the badge and the badge is with me” from @Missi0nUnknOwn. This was also one of the messages in the waiting room this year.

 I decided I would wait, the Expo logic waiting room opens at 8am PST but you can enter any time until 9am. What’s the rush, I thought.  It doesn’t really makes a difference as attendees are randomly placed in line independently of when they entered the waiting room (or so they say). So, I thought, I’ll wait. Then by 8:05 the wait was too much for me and I caved. I entered the waiting room at 8:05am. At 9:07am we could already see people on twitter announcing they were in. This was already an improvement from last year when it took ten minutes for attendees to start getting into the waiting room. With my fingernails destroyed I waited and waited and waited until at around 9:40am, with a deep feeling in my chest I stared at my screen, spinning wheel,   no changes, and sigh. I thought, we are not going to make it. Then I got an exclamation mark on a text, my friend was in! She only needed one ticket, she got our tickets! Yes! Four day tickets for San Diego Comic Con 2017! Mission accomplished.


For those of you who were not as fortunate, I hear you. I have been there. Just remember, there is still hope. Open registration for San Diego Comic Con 2017 will open sometime early to mid April. For more information about the process, click here. Any additional questions about how to purchase a badge? Click this Comic Con International link for more info.

Good luck everyone!


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