Netflix ‘s new Girlboss series


Great news! Netflix has announced a list of several new series and movies coming up next month among which is Girlboss, season one. For those of you who don’t recongnize the tittle, Girlboss was a book published back in 2014. The book followed the life of Sophia Amoruso, founder and CEO of Nasty Gal. In the book, Amoruso narrates the story of how she went from dumpster diving to creating  her own retail empire. Through stories about her days of MySpace PR and Ebay retail she shares the in and outs of how she followed her instincts and built her own company.

The 13 episodes series has been announced to be available for streaming on April 21. Their cast includes actors like Britt Robertson, Johnny Simmons, and Dean Norris. This is a story about a badass girl (she is 17 years old when the story begins) who proves that success can be achieved by hard work and without compromising your true self. If anything, it should be a fun watch and inspiring story that showcases the strength of a woman (no prince involved), and we all know we sure can use more of those. Good call Netflix! Now show us a good modern story.



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