The End of Naruto


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Spoilers! You’ve been warned…


We have seen the last of Naruto. The legendary story has come to an end after 15 years of delighting and inspiring audiences. This highly successful anime is divided into two different series, the first one “Naruto” aired for the first time in October 2002 and ran until 2007 after which the second series “Naruto Shippuden” kicked off. While Naruto was a story more targeted towards younger audiences, the theme of acceptance and endurance runs throughout the entire series (Naruto and Naruto Shippuden). It has been a great ride for audiences everywhere. We have been able to see a whole group of characters grow up and an incredible story unfold in an amazing way. And while I can imagine most of us were counting the days until to end of the Fourth Shinobi War, which lasted so long we felt time slipped through our fingers, I bet most of us were a bit sad when it ended. This war, although incredibly long, provided us with great insight on the role of every individual character in this story.

Watching Sasuke rebel after the war was a little hard to swallow, but expected, and an important part of the story. Naruto’s friendships have always been complicated throughout the series and Sasukes was no exception. This last fight between the two of them represented the epiphany of what a battle in Naruto’s world is. It was as much of a physical fight as it was an exchange of ideas and viewpoints. This was finally won by friendship and perseverance with Sasuke acknowledging Naruto as the winner and Naruto arguing that it was never about winning or losing.


Now, the actual final episodes of Naruto tell the story of the days leading up to Naruto’s wedding to Hinata. I have to say, this took me by surprised. Not that he ended up with Hinata, I think this was a great decision from the writers, but by the fact that we don’t get to see how they come together, at least not in the series. All of the sudden we are thrown in the middle of a world in which Naruto and Hinata are together, no explanation as to how (This is explained in The last: Naruto the movie). We also don’t get to see him become the Hokage. During these last episodes, Kakashi becomes the new Hokage of the Hidden Leaf which has to be one of the funniest turns of events in the series. Without a doubt, Kakashi is a great leader and deserving of this role, but this is something we never see him aspire to or even interested in. Kakashi’s personality makes for a very unique Hokage and those last few episodes really show us that this is his rightful place. The fact that Naruto doesn’t become the Hokage by the time the series ends, well, it just reiterates the importance of the journey over the end destination. His true desire had always been to be acknowledged by his comrades and he hugely succeeded at that. He becomes a sort of hero and a legend in his village but continues to study and work hard towards his goal of being the Hokage. He even has to start studying again for his Jonin exam, which he never got to take. He is loved and admired, and the entire village seems to be working hard at trying to emulate Naruto’s ideals.

Now that there is no more Naruto, fans of the show are looking forward to the new series Boruto: Naruto’s next generations , and yes, you guessed it, this story follows Boruto, son of Hinata and Naruto. This new series will start airing next month so we can breathe fine. It seems like we will continue to enjoy the shinobi world for a while longer. Viz Media announced that the first episode of the new series will make its U.S. simulcast premiere on Hulu in April 5, the same day as its premiere in Japan. Meanwhile Crunchy roll has also confirmed that it will be streaming the series but has yet to announce a date.


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