San Diego Comic Con Child Care in 2017


Hello everyone! I’m very happy to say that our favorite Comic Convention of the year is fast approaching. In 63 days we all have the ability, the right, hell, the obligation to geek out at the San Diego downtown convention center. (Sorry if you didn’t get tickets, it sucks, I know) But for everyone who is going, woot woot! See you there!

For now,  we wait and prepare, and one thing to remember when travelling with kids 12 years or younger is that SDCC offers child care. Yes, is true, there is child care inside the convention for all of us who plan the adventure to shoot for the stars and try to get into Hall H. Don’t want to expose your kids to the long exhausting lines? Take them to the second floor of the convention to their Kiddie Corp rooms. You can find the information for registering your kids in their  SDCC Website. Remember, it is not only cheaper if you register your kid before getting there, but also it allows you to ensure your kids place. Pre registration for child care in SDCC will end June 20th, 2017 so hurry to their page if you are interested.

My son has been there twice and has had a great experience. Some of them even work the SDCC every year so they remembered my son on his second time. Food is not included so plan ahead their meals and meal times. They have pretty good safety guidelines and their location is ideal if you want to attend the convention and spend time with your kids too.



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