Life Hiatus, Ready Player One and SDCC 2018

everything is awesome


A life diversion, I think that’s what it is.

In the last few months I have taken a bit of a hiatus in my writing. As much as I like to share the in and outs of my geekiness and curiosity about this world there are just times in life when the biggest comfort, just for  bit, is found in the depth of our own minds. When that “Emo” kid inside of us swallow us for a bit just so we can take a healthy break from life. LOL. To think, to pause, to eat ice cream. Now, this diversion has  allowed me to discover new facets of me that I would have not discovered otherwise. So, moving forward and celebrating these as well as keeping the lessons learned tightly saved so I can used them if need be.

A couple of things from the last few months that I really wanted to share here (and probably will write more in depth in the next few weeks) are: first, the Ready Player One movie came out. And for those of you who read the book and blasted off with your hearts full of excitement and high expectations to watch the “best” movie of the year, I offer my sympathies. I am sorry. So very sorry. I felt the pain in my chest as I watched the movie on it’s second week (I was on vacation when it came out) in a dark, modern and incredibly comfortable movie theater that excited me way more than the movie after it’s first 15 minutes. Good thing I had very good food, company,  and a delicious dessert.  The version of the story that was presented in the big screen greatly differed from the story I had loved from Ernest Cline. Not only did they changed the challenges to win every one of the three keys, but the one thing that characterized the story the most, the thing you can even read on the movie tittle, the VIDEO GAMES, were not even included. The only accurate representation of the authors infatuation with video games was the mention of the Atari 2600 “Adventure” game and why this was important to Halliday. Anyways, I think I can go into a bit more detail on this one in the next few weeks. Definitely an opportunity for a good discussion on books made into movies.

Also, for the last few months the San Diego Comic-Con has been adding more and more  special guests announcements as well as announced their Comic-Con International 2018 Housing (Hotel) sale which took place on April 4th. Not a lot of information yet as for the guests for that will be visiting Hall H and Ballroom 20 (at least not on their site) but one thing that has been announced recently on other sites is that Marvel Studios will skip Hall H at the San Diego Comic Con this year. Sad news everyone! At least they will still have their booth on the exhibit hall. Also, for those of you attending the convention with kids this year, remember that Kiddie Corp will be providing Child Care inside the convention. Although there is no registration information on their website yet, you can always call or email Kiddie Corp directly and verify when they will  be opening the registration for this years San Diego Comic Con. At least I have done this in the past as it is normally  not announced on the SDCC website until very late.

As for me, I am very excited about this year’s SDCC as well as PAX, ACE Con and hopefully a few other conventions ahead. I hope to see you “golden ticket holders” at the SDCC in a few months!




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