The power of villain stories

From Skeletor, Ursula and Gargamel, to Rita Repulsa and Mr Burns, the antagonist characters from my childhood stories were always a bit of a mystery to me. Why did Gargamel hated so much the Smurfs? Why couldn’t Mr. Burns remember Homer? Geez man, you just talked to him a few days ago. You have been to his … Continue reading The power of villain stories


Reading “Fascinating, The life of Leonard Nimoy”

Looking through the children's books section in Amazon a few weeks ago, I stumbled across this book, “Fascinating, The Life of Leonard Nimoy". The book was described as a biography and a children's book. Having not read the reviews, I was not sure what was it about this person's life that made it so inspirational, other that the fact that … Continue reading Reading “Fascinating, The life of Leonard Nimoy”